Register On-Site The Day Of The


Come on in prior to the 7:00 p.m. auction start time or any time during the auction and sign up to get a bidder number. In order to receive a bidder number and participate in the auction, a $100.00 refundable deposit payable in CASH is required.

After you purchase items at the auction, your deposit is applied to your bill or totally refunded when you leave, if you do not win any bids.
If your bidding total goes over $2,500.00 throughout the evening, you may have to pay an additional 25% deposit amount.​

Take Delivery Of Your Auction Winnings 

Take your purchased items with you auction night or schedule a convenient low–cost delivery provided by an independent delivery service located at the River City Furniture Auction Warehouse.

You may pick up your items anytime during or after the auction, or from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the following Monday thru Wednesday. ALL items must be picked up by 5:00 p.m. the following Wednesday. No exceptions.

The River City Furniture Auction Staff will help you load your items; however, it is your responsibility to bring pads, rope and any other transportation protection materials. River City Furniture Auction employees are prohibited by our insurance carrier from assisting in tying your items on your vehicle. No Exceptions.

All sales are final and all items are sold AS IS. There are no refunds or changes after the items are sold.

How It Works

New Home Furniture, at Wholesale Furniture Prices

Bid On Auction Items

Grab a seat in the auction audience area, enjoy a refreshment from our food cart and get your bidder number ready!

Wait for your previewed item to be auctioned or select items as they come up. When you want to bid on an item being offered, listen to the Auctioneer and agree with the amount bid by holding up your bidder number. The auctioneer will motion that yours is the current bid amount and will ask to see if there is a higher bid. If there are higher bids, the auctioneer will motion to those bidders and say the price. You may continue to bid until you win the item, or you may decide to let the item go to another bidder. The last bid will be announced and the Auctioneer will say "Sold for $____ to Bidder number____"

It's that easy!

The Auction is recorded, so that any discrepancies can be resolved, but if you have any questions at the time you purchase an item, contact a River City Furniture Auction Staff representative immediately.

Settle Your Account

Winning bidders can make payment on their account during or at the end of the auction. We take Cash, Credit Cards and ATMs as forms of payment. We do not take Checks. Please remember – all sales are final, there are no refunds or changes after items are sold.

Like most auction houses, we add a 10% Buyer's Premium to your sale total. If you bid and win a $100.00 item, your total cost will be $110.00 plus sales tax. What is a Buyer's Premium? A standard amount added to help defray the cost of the Auction, so we can continue to offer great prices on Auction merchandise.

Customers not settling their accounts Friday night, will forfeit their deposit and lose their merchandise.


River City Furniture Auction in the Sacramento warehouse Has Online Auctions 2 days a week. RCFA will remain open with limited business hours and by appointment only. We will be taking additional steps and ask all of our customers to remain in their cars once they have checked in with RCFA staff. Our staff will load all of your items, and invoices can be signed inside your cars. You will still be responsible for tying down your items. If you need an extension,  Please feel free to contact us. Please stay safe!